Stichting Grenadaid Foundation is a Dutch non profit organisation helping disadvantaged youth in Grenada | West Indies by educating and empowering them to gain economic security. Our focus is on helping those who have recently been released from institutional care to access education and employment opportunities. This help comes in the form of both financial and non-financial support in overcoming obstacles.

Because we are non-profit, we rely on donations and funding to make a difference for young adults in Grenada. Support our work. Support the youth of Grenada. Make it possible for lives to be transformed for the better. Your donations are greatly appreciated.
(‘Stichting’ is the Dutch word for Foundation).

In addition to providing educational opportunities, we mentor and facilitate the start-up and expansion of local businesses. Our support empowers young adults to achieve economic security to replace a future that would otherwise be unsure and unsupported.

An education is the best preparation for a good future. We support young people through education and scholarships.

We make it possible for young people to start-up and expand their businesses by giving access to micro finance. We occasionally provide small emergency funds.

Our mentoring is the accelerator which helps young people stay encouraged, believe in themselves and take the next important step.