Hi there, we are Emil and Jeroen,

Everybody deserves a decent life. Starting from an impoverished place makes it harder to reach a life position that is tolerable, let alone satisfactory, agreeable and overall comfortable and fulfilling.

Our mission is to support young Grenadians who come from disadvantaged backgrounds and institutional care in their entry to adult life that is independent, progressive and fulfils their potential. We first went to Grenada about five years ago. It was then that we met some of the young people from Grenada and recognised their passion to make something of themselves, despite the challenges of coming from a deprived background.

The first young person that we met was intelligent, articulate and had all that was required to reach his goals, apart from the financial resources. We felt inspired by his drive, his enthusiasm and his strong desire to become a lawyer. From his economic and social position, it was a lofty ideal and a dream that only a miracle could bring true.

Of course, if he had been born in a country in Europe, or a country like the USA, and had an entirely different start with access to good education, scholarships and people who could identify his potential, he could really have been a lawyer. He had all the raw ingredients in his personal attributes. He approached us and asked if we could help. Once we got talking to him and got to know him, all that we could see that his magnificent potential was going to waste.

We couldn’t help but realise what a difference we could make for this young person, if we shared some of our resources with him.

For young people in Grenada it can be such a challenge to get started from a position in life that may be handicapped before the get-go. They may not have attended school as much as they should have due to family issues. Perhaps they lived in an institution and didn’t get the input required to live a life that is enjoyable or productive.

We help these young adults to get a foot on the ladder. This first step may be in the form of a scholarship, help with setting up a business or delivering the mentoring and guidance that they missed out on in their younger years.

We invite you to help us to support the young people of Grenada in fulfilling their potential, or getting their foot on the first step of the ladder, so that they can independently flourish and thrive.

Grenadaid Foundation was founded in 2015 by Jeroen van Dijke and Emil Schröder.

Grenadaid Foundation have no office and no paid staff. We only work with volunteers on and off the island. Donations are used 100% to help these young Grenadians. Your donation may be tax deductible and greatly appreciated.