It is without any doubt that the future of Grenada rest heavily on the upcoming generations, hence we at Grenadaid foundation see the need to assist children and young adults in their upbringing. Grenadaid seeks to provide Micro credit and Mentoring but most an opportunity for children and young adults to obtain proper education, since an education is the best preparation for one’s future.

Mister Bascombe introduced me to a Dutch man called Emil Schröder of Grenadaid Foundation and he is presently helping me out as best as he could with my academics and many other things. Since we met everything changed and everything started working out as it should.

‘Thanks to the Grenadaid Foundation, I was able to complete college then go on to university. To whom much is given, from him much is expected and so I am making the best of the opportunity that is given to me by Grenadaid Foundation. Credit goes out to mentoring which Grenadaid provided for me, allowing me to make the necessary decisions in life’.