The Grenadaid Foundation was founded in June 2015 and aims to assist young adults from Grenada / West Indies with their studies and / or work. Initially, children who have been in a hostel have been taken home from their home on their 18th birthday. These children often have no one to fall back on. Also, the government of Grenada is unable to help these children because there is no social security net. Grenadaid Foundation wants to support them financially, to set up their own business, to follow a study or to provide temporary maintenance.

Grenada is the 10th smallest country in the world. The archipelago is located in the Caribbean area north of Trinidad and Tobago and south of the Grenadines. Grenada is part of the upper winds of the Little Antilles. There are 110,000 people living on the island.

The Grenadaid Foundation has two volunteers on the island who accompany these young adults. They initially support these children at the Grenadaid Foundation for eligibility for a financial compensation. The foundation is trying to collect money in the Netherlands and locally in Grenada to help as many children as possible. The board members of the foundation are unpaid.

The income of the Grenadaid Foundation comes from individuals and business. The foundation ensures that all income benefits the projects for which they are intended. Travel expenses and other expenses are paid privately by the board members and are therefore not paid by the foundation.

The foundation is transparent in its business operations and informs donors on a regular basis through (quarterly) e-mail newsletters and through the website.

Stichting Grenadaid is a foundation founded by a deed on June 10, 2015 past for Mr. Cornelia Hagendijk, notary in Amsterdam. The foundation has a board. Currently the board consists of three board members: a chairman, a treasurer / secretary and a general board member.

Grenadaid Foundation focuses specifically on the island of Grenada.

The foundation has no reward policy. Nobody gets a salary, there are no costs of a company agency, management fee or otherwise.